Why Stay at Baymont?

Themed suites are a treat

Relax in our themed suites! Feeling like a fisherman? We have you covered! Interested in a little slice of Americana? We have something for that too! See our incredible themed suites here and feel like you're exactly where you deserve to be. 

Free Breakfast

We know you'll be hungry in the morning after burning all those calories in our pool the night before (which is open ever day, by the way). Because we anticipated that, we offer a free breakfast at our breakfast corner every morning. There's plenty of room and the area is comfortable an relaxing.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Our indoor and outdoor pool is open from 7AM - 10PM every day. It's warm, beautiful, refreshing, and just what you need! Additionally, we have a ping pong table in the area so there is alwas something fun to do. 

Fitness Area

What else could you possibly hope for in a gym? We have a treadmill, a stairmaster, an exersice bike, and a state of the art 3 in 1 workout machine for every part of your body that you're looking to tone!