What Do You Look for in a Hotel?

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February 12, 2016
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What Do You Look for in a Hotel?

Most Americans use hotels. Some people stay at them often, and for others it is a much rarer occasion. Depending on how often you stay, it might even be kind of fun to get away for a night by staying at a hotel. Others might practically live on the road because of their line of work, so for them, staying in a hotel might not be the same type of novelty. However, choosing a good hotel when you’re on the road for business still can make a big difference in how productive you can be.

No matter what type of traveler you are, what do you look for in a hotel? What types of things make you more or less inclined to book a stay at a hotel? Certainly, much of that will depend on the purpose of your travel, but let me suggest that there are a few things that are almost universally important to most people.

First of all, price is usually a big consideration for most people. While it’s true that there are people in society for whom price is of no concern, that’s not the case for most “everyday” people. For those who look for value, getting a good price is certainly a reasonable and responsible consideration.

Secondly, people expect a hotel to be neat, clean, and well maintained—and they should expect this! People can really let themselves relax in an environment where they don’t have to question whether everything is up to par. Not only is it just common sense that people like a clean hotel, it’s also a mindset thing.

The location of a hotel is obviously the largest factor. The whole reason for staying in hotels is because you need a place to lodge that’s near your destination. Hotels that are part of a chain are especially great in this regard. No matter what your destination, you can find a reputable hotel and largely know what you can expect—even if you’ve never been to that particular hotel before.

Reviews and ratings—what do people say about their experience staying at a particular hotel? This is where the rubber hits the road. What are real-life people actually saying? Hotels with consistent good or excellent ratings tend to be very reliable and have very few unpleasant surprises in store—always a good thing!

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