A Unique Approach to Customer Service

Customer service matters. Period. And for us, in the hospitality industry, it really matters. There may be some places where you are forced to put up with poor customer service because you don’t have a choice to take your business anywhere else. The DMV is an oft-cited example of one such place. You need the services they are providing, and there are no other places where you can get the services they offer, so you might just have to put up with poor customer service. Most people really dislike that trapped feeling.

When you choose a hotel for your overnight accommodation needs, we know you do have choices, and that’s one of the reasons customer service always takes a top priority in everything we do. We know that you shouldn’t have to put up with a sub-par experience, and we also know that if something less-than- ideal does happen during your stay, it’s our job to make it right.

So because of just how important we know it is, we like to think we have a somewhat unique take on customer service. While we absolutely thrive on getting feedback from our guests, we go a step further. We look for positive (and negative) examples of customer service in all walks of life so that we can think about how they may apply to what we do at our hotel. If we had a great experience at a restaurant, we’re evaluating what made the experience great and figuring out if there is something we can learn from the experience. Likewise, if we had a terrible customer service example at a store, we’re looking at what made it bad and what we can actively do to avoid doing the same in our line of work.

When you visit the Milwaukee area and stay with us, we think our emphasis on customer service will be apparent right from the moment you walk in the door. We know you have choices, and we strive to make Baymont Inn & Suites your choice every time you are staying in southeastern Wisconsin.