Take a Break at Our Mequon Hotel

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Take a Break at Our Mequon Hotel

Road tripping through Wisconsin? Stay at Baymont Inn & Suites hotel in Mequon.

If you’re an experienced road-tripper, you likely have strong feelings about long trips in the car. Some people love the time with family and friends in tight quarters because it forces everyone to talk or get to know each other better. Other people don’t mind riding along because it’s an opportunity to turn their brains off for a bit and just decompress. Other people might love reaching the destination, but hate the time in the car. If you’ve traveled with young children, you know all about the unique challenges that go along with that experience as well.

So if you’re planning a long trip in the car, do you prefer to do the whole drive all at once, or do you like to take your time? Sometimes it seems best to get the drive over with and just get to your destination. Unfortunately, that method often leaves the driver and passengers exhausted and needing a day to catch up and recuperate. By stopping for the night in the middle of your trip, you can hit the ground running when you do reach your destination.

If you’re headed through the Milwaukee area on an upcoming road trip, give us a call at Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon and let us put you up for a night. By booking a stay in one of our clean, comfortable, spacious rooms, you’ll take a little bit of stress out of your road trip and be ready to go when you reach your destination.