Relax This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is officially less than one week away, and those of us in the hospitality industry consider “holiday travel season” to be officially underway. People will be crisscrossing the country over the next couple of months to see family and friends, or just to take a well-deserved vacation. It’s a busy time for us, but it’s also a very fun and exciting time.

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you know that this time of year can also be chaotic if one isn’t careful. Lines at the airport are long, and the highways are busier than usual. And since many Americans identify travel as being stressful, it’s also fair to say that this can be one of the most stressful times of the year.

If you have precious little time off during the year, you know how frustrating it can be to take the time you do have off and do something that might be even more stressful than work. Your employer has given you time off so you can relax, unwind, and recuperate, and participating in stressful holiday travel can seem to be counterproductive.

At Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon, we certainly can’t promise you that we can make your holiday travels 100% stress free. We would if we could. We can, however, do our part to ease your stress as much as possible. When you book a room with us for your stay in the Milwaukee area, we’ll make sure you have a clean, comfortable, and quiet room at a great price. Knowing your overnight accommodations are all taken care will give you one less thing to worry about. So as you travel this holiday season, plan ahead and work to avoid as much of the stress of traveling as possible, and book a stay with us at Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon. We’d love to have you.