The Family That Stays Together

Think back to your childhood, and whether you had family traditions. Some families build traditions very intentionally and deliberately, while for others, they kind of form organically. Still for other families, there isn’t much emphasis on traditions as family members live far away from each other or everyone is simply too busy to get together.

One common tradition for many families is to get together for holidays. Holidays seem to be a time when people are able to travel and have time off of work. And while every family dynamic is unique, sometimes it’s just good to be around family – even if your relationship the rest of the year is distant.

One of the biggest hindrances to getting together is finding a time and place for everyone to meet. If your family lives all over the country, you may struggle with deciding who’s house at which to congregate. If you all are in different stages of life – whether in school, working, or retired, you may have trouble lining up schedules.

At Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon, we think we are uniquely positioned to help facilitate family get-togethers. When you and your family book rooms with us, no one family or household will have to host. You can all spend time together but still have your own space at the end of the day. And, when you stay with us, you’re just minutes away from Milwaukee and everything it has to offer.

So if it’s been a long time since your family all got together, book a block of rooms with us at Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon and enjoy some quality time together.