A Unique Customer Service Opportunity

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A Unique Customer Service Opportunity

great customer service at Mequon hotel

At Baymont Inn & Suites in Mequon, we love what we do. Taking care of our guests is always our number one priority, and we have the opportunity of doing it in a unique way.

Think about your recent “customer service” experiences – good, bad, or otherwise. Were some of them at a store? Or how about at a restaurant? How did they leave you feeling? Did they make a lasting impression or did you quickly forget about them and move on with your day? Did they make you consider why you’d come back to a store or restaurant, or did they turn you off to the business and make it so you’d have to think twice about returning?

Customer service is extremely important in just about every business, but we think that, in the hotel hospitality industry, we have a unique customer service opportunity. Our commitment to customer service affects you during the entire duration of your stay – there’s nothing it doesn’t affect.

Think about a customer service experience at a store. It might be extremely limited – to asking an employee where to find an item, or to the very brief time you spend checking out with the cashier. This is not the case in our industry. When you stay with us, customer service affects every aspect of your stay. From the time you check in, we want everything about your stay to be perfect. We have the opportunity to be able to serve you by making sure your room is clean and stocked. We have the opportunity to serve you by answering questions about the area. We have the opportunity to serve you by making sure all the little details of your stay are looked after.

So when we talk about our commitment to customer service at Baymont Inn & Suites hotel in Mequon, we are extremely serious about it, and we think you’ll take notice. If you’re headed to southeastern Wisconsin in the upcoming months, give us a call and book a room with us. We’d love to have you!